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The Conservative State of Georgia Steps Forward for Clinical Trials of Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana

In the upcoming election heat, Georgia, which is a conservative part of the continent, is realizing minor sways of medical cannabis campaigns where the local governor is up to make clinical trials as proponents ensure the authority that the magical weed can heal many disorders including seizures in children.

Since 1996, about 26 states have got the licenses in the country; the number is still growing and 2 states have completely decriminalized cannabis and the citizens here are free to take it as a recreational stuff, which are none other than Colorado and Washington.

This year, some of the southern states have legalized medical marijuana, but in a very controlled manner. They have made laws that will restrict to use minimal THC. But, its general outlook as psychoactive compound had made the deal difficult for Georgia last year; as a result, the consequences have compelled Georgia authorities to go for a clinical trial of the wonder weed.

Another conservative state, Utah of the country has registered itself as provider of medical cannabis for only the cases that are found severely affected by epilepsy. The major component of cannabis called as cannabidiol is the essential element that will play a major part in the drug, which will help heal such fatal disorders. Cannabidiol can be procured from other states when necessary under the consent of neurologists.

Washington became another state, where people could buy cannabis without any legal restriction and even without a doctor’s prescription.

In south, the wonder weed has been supported by numerous parents who say that seizures that affected their kids could be treated with the medicine, but still scientific research is in its initial stage.

The complete deal and agreements are yet to come out successfully as legal authorities wait for the results of clinical trials. As per a report, Georgia Regents University in Augusta will be administering the clinical trials under the supervision of GW Pharmaceuticals. The company has also partnered for research and development with a party in New York, which conducts trials in various states.

The deal revealed that Georgia would come up with trial results by the end of the year and by the commencement of next year it will be cannabis decriminalized state. The state approval will be passed after green signal by FDA.

Valerie Weaver, the parent of a seizure-affected 6-yr old kid brought her child to the governor’s event at Children’s Hospital of Georgia on the campus of Georgia Regents University where she shared her feedback about being highly optimistic about the trial that may save her kid who is affected by 60 to 80 seizures a day.

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Marijuana Stores

Washington’s Pot Stores to Open From July for Recreational Marijuana Usage

The first batch of Washington’s recreational cannabis retailers is expected to open this month. However, the industry experts are worried about the lower supply and high prices to compete with medical marijuana and black market.

According to Seattle PI, the state is planning to issue its first licences shortly. But many potential and prospective retailers have told PI’s Jake Ellison about their worries that they will be running out of marijuana soon enough. One of the retailers stated that the success of the program is dependent on how they compete with black market.

One has to be competitive in terms of price, selection, legitimacy, and convenience. One is guaranteed to get all the customers who would never like to shop with the illegal street dealers of marijuana. However, to get people who most often shop from friends is difficult unless the price is brought down to their convenience level where it is totally worth. It does not mean that they will have to beat their price completely. People are still selling alcohol in the black market, but it is not having any market share.

It seems that in Oregon, the voters will have an exclusive marijuana legalisation initiative for elections. The senior political writer of Oregon, Jeff Mapes has reported that Paul Stanford dropped his effort to obtain an initiative for recreational marijuana on the ballot.

Stanford had announced on a video show on Internet, Cannabis Common Sense, which clearly shows that he cannot collect the signatures needed by 3rd July, the petitioning deadline.

Stanford ended his campaign, but it seems that the marijuana legalization initiative sponsored by ‘New Approach Oregon’ will be qualifying for the November ballot. The New Approach spokesman, Peter Zuckerman stated that there are chances of the campaign turning in signatures to the state’s secretary.

There are stricter and firmer limits of the New Approach measure on possession of marijuana and it’s also backed by many major outside donors that are out of state (including those donors who had played a major role to help pass the 2012 initiative of the Washington state that has legalized marijuana there).

It is most likely that Washington prices will be high partly due to a twenty-five percent excise duty at every level of marijuana production.